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Chess Board in Walnut & Maple

All of my handcrafted furniture is constructed from premium solid hardwoods. Unless an exotic or specialty wood is specified for a custom order, all of the wood species I use are locally sourced from North Carolina or the surrounding area.

For every single piece of furniture I create, I work closely with my client to select the ideal wood for their custom piece. Appearance, purpose, durability, and cost are all factors in deciding which hardwood species to use, and often there is more than one type of wood involved in a piece of furniture. After deciding on the type of woods, I handpick every premium board for that specific project, to personally ensure the quality.

I never use veneers, and very seldom do I stain or paint pieces of furniture. I always find that choosing the perfect piece of wood offers strength and durability, and natural beauty not found in veneered or painted pieces. Specially selected hardwoods can have a real 'depth' which can really give fine furniture a special glow and feel.

Combining different types of wood for a complementary or contrasting effect, is a great way to accent, highlight or 'play up' a furniture design, or just to add that unique touch, though every piece from my shop is completely original and unique in itself.

Below are examples of contrasting & complementary woods:

Curly Maple + Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut + Purple Heart 'Bat Icon' Art Frame


Maple is a popular hardwood for furniture construction, and is known for it's strength, durability, and it's attractive grain variations like "curly", "birdseye", and "ambrosia".

Sturdy, durable and ranging in appearance from plain to breathtaking, maple is a great choice for a 'lighter colored' wood.

Curly Maple has a curl or quilting pattern to the grain, which can range from subtle to exceptional. This curl can give the illusion of a deep or velvety surface even though the surface is perfectly flat, and polished smooth.

Black Walnut

Walnut is one of the best choices of wood, especially for fine furniture. It's timeless appeal has been popular for centuries, and is still in high demand today because of it's strength & durability.

Walnut is typically be rich chocolate brown, but can occasionally exhibit a purple hue, and it can exhibit mineral streaks of an almost iridescent green or blue. If sap wood is present, it's light tan to almost white, and provides a striking contrast to the dark heartwood.


Cherry is a perennial favorite hardwood for fine furniture, and is known for its outstanding color and how it darkens with age. With attractive grain patterns that range from plain to figured, cherry is ideal for both construction as well as accenting details.

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