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Martin's Story

I have been a furniture maker for 25 years. In the past I have had business associations with design firms, retail outlets, galleries, and manufacturers such as Drexel Heritage. I am now focused upon ETSY & web sales, as this enables me to devote myself more fully to the design and construction process.

I especially enjoy the design phase, tending toward simple designs, featuring strong uncluttered curving shapes, as well as clear natural finishes that allow the beauty of the wood’s grain to compliment and reinforce the design. I try to achieve a graceful, subtle, and understated beauty with my designs rather than depending upon ornamentation. Many clients feel that they are not just buying a functional piece of home furnishing, but also something akin to a wooden sculpture.

I build pieces that are intended to stand the test of time and will become family heirlooms someday. I always use materials and techniques consistent with strength and longevity. Careful selection and preparation of materials as well as hand fitted mortise & tenon joints. These time-honored techniques are no longer part of most modern furniture making, but in the long run, the extra effort are well justified.

If you would like something special for your home, something that you can enjoy and appreciate for years to come, please feel free to contact me about your furniture and accessory needs.

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