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Gourmet Kitchen Boards & serving Trays

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Along with crafting one-of-a-kind furniture like art deco coffee tables, and accent lamps, Martin also enjoys making smaller items like centerpieces, kitchen boards and serving trays. These pieces of functional art really make a statement on the dinner table, in the kitchen or out on the deck.

Popular as wedding gifts, housewarming and hostess gifts, a kitchen board or serving tray is the perfect way to add another dimension to whatever you are serving, whether it be desert, charcuterie or just a cuppa tea. Foodies and chefs love a custom piece made just for them, and a handcrafted board or tray is a great way to display and serve their edible creations.

Each tray is a one-of-a-kind, restaurant-quality functional piece of art. Made with the discerning eye of a fine furniture maker, each one is designed and handcrafted from premium hardwoods and hand-finished for maximum durability. Custom and made-to-order pieces are made to your specifications and with your choice of woods. Figured cherry, curly maple, and black walnut are always great choices for boards and trays.

Whether you are just browsing for a gift, or need a custom piece for your counter, each one is sure to be a focal point wherever you use it!

Food Safe Finish

We use a highly durable & deeply penetrating, hand-rubbed oil finish that is non-toxic, food-safe, and is made from 100% local organic ingredients. Unlike the average 'beeswax/oil finish', our product is a true finish in that it penetrates, cures and hardens, creating a protective surface without leaving an oily film or requiring regular maintenance or reapplication. The finish that we use actually saturates the surface of the wood and hardens to produce a durable, water & stain-resistant surface.

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Kitchen Boards and Centerpieces

We call this kitchen boards because they are truly multi-purpose. They can be used as serving boards, charcuterie boards, cheese boards, and are perfect as an eye-catching centerpiece for the center of your table.

Serving Trays

Each of our serving trays are designed with matching handles and feet. From hand-forged handles from Israel (tribesironhardware) to one-of-a-kind birch or cherry handles made to accentuate each tray, these serving trays are sure to

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