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Art Deco Furniture: The ‘Deco Era’ Table

Martin's original table design was inspired from an old photo of a 1930s or 1940s piece, which Martin then created for a client. Since that time, this table design has been one of the most popular of Martin's tables, and has inspired many more variation on the timeless "Deco Era" theme, which features a waterfall style rail around the sides, and tapered legs.

Martin has crafted this style of table in many variations: an elegant black coffee table with a thin concealed drawer, a table with a 'distressed finish' to look just like an original, and even a huge square version. Even though all of these tables are inspired by the same elegant art deco style design, each one is handcrafted and completely unique and one of a kind!

As a side note, this table design would look particularly wonderful in premium black walnut, especially in a larger size. The detailed rails really lend themselves to the square design.

Please get in touch if you are interested in having a table like this made just for you!

Deco Era Art Deco Coffee Table

Deco Era Concealed Drawer Coffee Table ~ Made To Order

XL Square Deco Era Coffee Table ~ Made To Order

Photo Gallery ~ Curly Maple & Walnut Coffee Table

This table was a recent custom order for a client, who wanted a special coffee table that matched the rest of the art deco cottage with period era custom furniture.

The above photos show a version of this table design featuring a truly remarkable curly maple top and legs, combined with dark walnut contrasting 'waterfall' rails. The combination of these two woods are a marvelous contrast, which allows the natural beauty of the wood to enhance the design, and create emphasis on the top, as well as where the legs intersect the rail, and the top.

Photo Gallery ~ Extra Large Square Coffee Table

A while back, I received a custom order for a table in the same style. Instead of the long & narrow coffee table, this was a 48″ by 48″ square design. I have to say that it allows more room to appreciate the accents & details of the design. This table was also crafted from solid maple & finished in satin black enamel to match the client’s living room suite.

Photo Gallery ~ Concealed Drawer Coffee Table

I have also made this table as a custom piece with a drawer, which is effectively a concealed drawer, although the client wanted a thin drawer for a remote or a book or two.

Photo Gallery ~ Original Deco Era Coffee Table

The original ‘Deco Era’ style table was created at the request of a customer, based upon an old photo of a coffee table from the 30’s or 40’s.

After designing the table from the photos, I crafted it from solid maple, distressed the piece & painted it in satin black enamel to give it the feel of an original vintage heirloom table.

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